Tomori-BOT created by North # 7652 Tomori-BOT Features the Moderation, Fun, Music, and more, this bot is still in the development stage, if you have suggestions you can enter my server support, and don't forget to Invite Tomori-BOT.

Nort Developer


Admin Commands

Ban : Ban members
Kick : Kick member
Mute : Mute Chat member
Unmute : Unmute Chat member Setprefix : To setting prefix

Core Commands

Help : Show all command
Invite : Invite the bot
Ping : Test bot ping

Fun Commands

8ball : answer your question with yes or no arguments
Rps : Play Rock Paper Scissors with bot
Rolldice : Play dice with yout frieand

Information Commands

Avatar : Send your avatar image
Botinfo : Showing Bot Information
Roles : Show all roles in server
Serverinfo : Showing Server Information
Userinfo : Showing User Information

Information Commands

lyrics : Search all lyrics
play : Play music Exemple: -pl [your favorite music]
stop : Stop music and play next music
skip : To Skip Music
queue : Show all music in queue
loop : To set music continuously
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Contanct us with send email or you can join to Support Server